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Christmas Around the World at Frederik Meijer Gardens

Frederik Meijer Gardens brings to you a beautiful exhibit featuring 40 different Christmas trees based on the traditions and customs of countries throughout the world. Located very close to downtown Grand Rapids, Frederik Meijer Gardens is the perfect place to take the family and and learn about how the world celebrates Christmas. For example, many in the Ukraine decorate their tree with spidery webs. This stems from an old story of a family so poor, they couldn’t afford decorations. In the night, spiders wove beautiful webs around the tree that turned into silver and gold when the suns rays touched them. The German tree with its glass ornaments and springerle cookies makes an appearance yearly. The England tree charms with antique Christmas cards and mistletoe. With wonderful storytelling and over 400,000 lights decorating the various trees makes this an exhibit you don’t want to miss!

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