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Best Cities For Raising A Family

No. 1 Grand Rapids, Michigan

Rankings (of 100 largest metros): Median Income: 65 Cost of Living Index: 6 Housing Affordability: 7 Commuting: 22 Pct. Owning Homes: 5 (75%) Crime: 27 Education: 35   President Gerald Ford’s hometown is home to several furniture makers. The public school system is supplemented by several charter schools.  Also, the downtown scene is booming with an array of restaurantsentertainment venues, festivals including one of the largest Art Festivals, Artprize bringing hundreds of thousands of people into downtown Grand Rapids every fall.

Are you looking to relocate to Grand Rapids?  Look no further than Grand Rapids’ Own Urban Lifestyle Specialist!  Please click on the links below for housing/condo information and whats going on downtown!

Housing/Condo Information:  Click Here

Grand Rapids Things to do:  Click Here

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